How to Answer an Infact Question

gambling Aug 18, 2021

The numerical value of Infact in Pentagrams is: nine. That is the same as our modern year, 2021. In fact it is the numerical equivalent of Pi (pi(n+7) /n, where n is the size of the circle whose radii are those of the interlocking pentagons of In Fact.


For those of you who don’t know what the hexagonal numbers in fact are, I can give you a quick explanation. The numbers begin with one, three and nine. There are three numbers between those that represent the first set of numbers, the numbers after which are those representing the next set of numbers. The numbers aren’t sequential but instead alternating.

For any given Infact question, the solution will be given if the first number is greater than or less than the second. You can use this to your advantage by making sure you get a big enough group of answers so that a majority of them will be right. Otherwise, all the answers are worthless. If there is still a doubt left, then you have to consider the answer you get from the last group of answers.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with how to solve a fact or an Infact, I’ll try and simplify things for you here. For every digit, either one or nine, think about the numbers that make up that group of digits. Use each of those digits to find the corresponding fact number that will fit best into that group of digits. Remember to keep all the digits the same size for easier analysis.

There are some ways in which answering Infact questions can be simplified. For instance, if you are given a number such as 4E+4h, you would be advised to choose the next digit using the Fibonacci rule. By applying this trick, you will eliminate a lot of the extra factors that make a real Infact almost impossible. If you don’t know Fibonacci, however, I would recommend you find someone who does and asking them for their assistance. I’m sure they’ll help you in no time.

As with anything else, there is more than one way to learn how to answer Infact questions. But by using my guide above, you should have enough information to get you started with your Infact research. Once you get past the problem of fact checks, however, the rest should come naturally. It is definitely possible for anyone to master how to answer an Infact, provided you put in the work.

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