Where Does the Comma Goes In front of Nouns in a Driving Test?

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Where Does the Comma Goes In front of Nouns in a Driving Test?

Infact is a hotel in Kenya with a safari theme. But upon arrival, police, ambulance and forensic staff found the dead body was actually a mannequin, purposely used to scare off the wild animals that often steal their catch. This hotel is located at Mombasa, Kenya. The staff has, on several occasions, made headlines and news around the world due to their quick and accurate emergency response times. In fact, their courteous and helpful staff are among the best assets of the establishment.

The reason for In Fact being such a popular name is probably due to its ability to blend humor and sarcasm in a professional setting. The opening line, in fact, is a quote by British author William Wordsworth, “The first man that jumped into the river to go whither was drowned.” This popular line from “The Nambudripad River” clearly reflects the theme of In Fact: while the dead body was indeed drowned, the cause of his demise was quite the opposite of what he had in mind.

The story is narrated by an Indian taxi driver who was on his way to a client in Mombasa. Upon arriving at his destination, he noticed there were no vehicles in the parking lot. Upon further investigating, he learned the man in the yellow jumpsuit was actually a construction worker who had been sent to the location that day because he failed to report for his daily shift.

The construction worker soon gained the attention of passersby who noticed the commotion that followed. When asked why he had not arrived on time he said, “I had forgotten to apply for work.” In fact, in the UK and Ireland, this is often how one would describe a person forgetting to report for work. The question then becomes, why did this person forget to report? Was it because he had forgotten to sign in? Did he presume that since he was in a driving test the commutation period would be over and thus the requirement would not apply?

If the answer is yes, then we can safely assume that the use of the comma should be avoided wherever possible. Remember that In Fact, as mentioned before, the subject in a clause is important and that this should be considered even more so when commas are used. This is especially true when commas are used in initial sentences. It is well worth remembering that the majority of people completing a driving test will not read the whole clause but rather cut and paste the desired information from memory or from what they have read previously.

As you can see from the above example, there are both pros and cons associated with the use of commas in front of nouns in a driving test. For this reason it is imperative that one pays close attention to the usage of these words. The best way to remember to avoid them is to ensure that all nouns in your sentences are in fact singular and that each word ends in a distinct and proper semicolon. There is no need for commas in front of numbers as they are usually used in a question, like “Who’s the first person to arrive at this address?” where it is clear from the context that the need for a colon is obvious.

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