Welcome to the website of St. David's College, an independent junior school in binomo.com reviews West Wickham and Beckenham. St. David's is a member of the Wishford Schools group and is accredited by the Independent Schools Council.

To learn more about life at St. David's, please see our school newsletter and also our School Info section, which will tell you about the school's history and background and let you browse our photo gallery.


If you are a prospective parent, a copy of our application form is available, which can then be printed and filled in at your leisure. Information is also online on our current scale of fees.

Feel free to take a look at our electronic prospectus, and see the assessment information for entry into the school. If you are interested in an actual tour of the school, this can easily be arranged. Simply complete the form on the Arrange a Guided Visit page and we will get back in touch with you.

If you are a former pupil (Old Davidian), or are interested in finding out information on other former pupils, don't miss out on the Former Davidians database. If you are an Old Davidian, check out what your former classmates are up to and if you haven't already signed up, be sure to add your details!

The Contact Us section contains all the useful contact information you need, in addition to a helpful map showing the school's location, along with guides on how best to reach it by public transport.

The school has a flourishing PTA, whose members are currently setting up a new website. Please show the school and the PTA your support by visiting our PTA shops, where you can shop with many major retailers.

Data on this school can also be found on the Independent Schools Council site.